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September 2024

Our groups will launch in September. We have many different groups that meet across the city. If you are interested in leading or hosting a group this Fall, please reach out to Kari at

Growing close to God… Together

In homes, coffee shops, and other comfortable, relaxed settings, Groups encourage our members to make new friends, ask tough questions, and take new steps in growing closer to God.

Groups are always welcoming new members. We also encourage the creation of new groups.

How To Join A Growth Group

Step 1:

Click “FIND A GROUP” below

Step 2:

Once you find a group you would like to join click “JOIN THIS GROUP”

Step 2:

 Click the “CONTACT” button under questions for more info or e-mail Group Coach, Kari Joy, at “”

Sign Up For A Group

Are you interested in Leading or Hosting a Group?

Do you believe that God created you to make a difference in the lives of the
people around you? WE DO! When we open up our life to God he can use us in whatever season
we are in. To invite others in, create a place for others to connect, and create space for the Lord to
come in and move in the lives of everyone!

There are many different types of groups from activity groups, to topic specific groups,
to bible study, and more! If you are interested in hosting or leading a group,
then our groups coach Kari would love to connect with you.
Please e-mail her at, or find her on a Sunday morning at church!

Visit Us

We would love to see you on Sunday morning. Our service time is 10:00 AM. Let us know if you have any questions beforehand.

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